Text Transform

This shortcut transforms text in the clipboard according to the string passed into the shortcut:

If no input is provided to the shortcut, a menu will appear allowing you to choose from one of the following actions:

Create Deck

This option creates a deck named Text Editing in MFC Deck. You can use this as a text editing control panel. If a deck already exists with the name Text Editing, you will be asked if you want to replace the existing deck.

Creating the Text Editing deck

Using the Text Editing Deck

The Text Editing deck becomes very handy if you have Handoff enabled on your various iCloud-connected devices. This is because changes you make to the clipboard will automatically synced to the other computer.

Slugifying the clipboard

For instance, suppose you are writing a page for GitHub Pages in Markdown and are creating links to various headings in your document. The headings will automatically be accessible by an HTML Fragment:

# Primary Heading
## Secondary Heading
### Tertiary Heading???
### A Really Long Subheading With Someone's Name

You can use the Text Editing deck to generate the slug for each of the headings without having to manually format them into a slug format.

  1. Copy text to the clipboard that you want to slugify.
  2. Open MFC Deck.
  3. Open the Text Editing deck.
  4. Tap the Slug card.
- [Primary Heading](#primary-heading)
- [Secondary Heading](#secondary-heading)
- [Tertiary Heading???](#tertiary-heading)
- [A Really Long Subheading With Someone's Name](#a-really-long-subheading-with-someones-name)

The clipboard contents will be slugified and copied back to the clipboard. The first card shows the contents of the clipboard before and after the transformation.

Adding Additional Text Transformations

You can modify the Text Transform shortcut to add your own text transformations when running the shortcut or calling it from a deck. You’ll want to keep the following things in mind:

Adding new transforms

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