Action Button, Sheet, and Menu

The Action Button contains useful functions for navigating and controlling MFC Deck. It appears as a button in the shape of the MFC Deck icon in one of four positions on the screen.

Action Button, Sheet, and Menu

Action Button Position

The Action Menu can be placed in the following locations within MFC Deck:

To change the position of the Action Menu, long-press on the Action Menu and select the desired position.

The four positions of the Action Button.

Action Sheet

Tapping the Action Button will raise the Action Sheet from the bottom of the screen. The buttons in the sheet are context-sensitive and display commands that are relevant to the current view you are in.

Action Sheet

There are some commands that are always available in the Action Sheet. These are located at the top of the Action Sheet:

The Action Sheet also features a Tab Bar, so you can quickly jump between tabs in the app.

Action Context Menu

Long-press on the Action Menu to bring up its context menu:

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