iOS 15 Compatibility: There is a bug in Shortcuts on iOS 15 that prevents syncing of your shortcut library from the Shortcuts to MFC Deck. Until this bug is resolved by Apple (FB9585913), MFC Deck will be unavailable to download from the App Store.


This section covers the various configuration options in MFC Deck’s settings screen.


If you have not yet purchased MFC Deck, the following menu items will be displayed.

Start 14-Day Trial

Try for free MFC Deck Premium for 14 days. At the end of the trial period, the app will still be usable, but you will no longer have access to MFC Deck Premium features such as custom album layouts, the Trigger Server, and custom icons.

Unlock MFC Deck Premium

For a single In-App Purchase, unlock all the features of MFC Deck.

Restore Purchases

If you’ve installed MFC Deck on another iOS or iPadOS device, restore your Premium features by choosing this option.

If you have purchased MFC Deck Premium, a Tip Jar menu option will appear. Use it to contribute further to the development of MFC Deck or to show your appreciation to the developer.


Default Deck

Set the default deck. Any card request that has not been matched by either the specified or current deck will be evaluated on the default deck. If a card match is found, the card in the default deck will be executed.

Remember Last Deck Opened

Opens MFC Deck to the last deck opened after application termination.

Enable Double-Tap Gestures

When enabled, this allows double-tapping of a card to edit it. If disabled, you will be required to long-press on a card to display a context-menu, wherein you can choose Edit Card to edit the card.

Tap + to Create Quick Card

The + button in the Cards view of a Deck can be configured to perform one of two actions:

By default, tapping + creates a new quick card. This is useful if you want to create multiple cards at a time. Disabling it is useful if you like to make cards one at a time and wish to configure the card immediately.

Enable Tags

All cards have corresponding tags associated with them. Enabling this feature allows you to create, edit, and manage tags throughout MFC Deck.

This is useful if you are using NFC Tags and want to assign a set of cards to a particular tag.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Assign a keyboard shortcut to a deck.

The ability to add a keyboard shortcut to run a shortcut will be removed from a future beta of MFC Deck. It will be replaced by the ability to run a card.


Enable Notifications

Allows notifications to be sent from MFC Deck when evaluating a card.

Default Notification Level

Choose from one of four notification level settings for newly created cards.

Additional Settings

Tap this link to open up the iOS Settings application and focused on MFC Deck settings.

Remember Searches

Remember the search terms entered while viewing a deck or choosing shortcuts.

Focus on Search in Shortcuts Tab

Raise the keyboard immediately when switching to the Shortcuts tab.

Turn off auto-correct in search fields to allow the MsgFiler-search algorithm to functional more accurately and efficiently.


This section control show certain user interface elements look on screen in MFC Deck.

Color Pack

Set the colors of your cards to to the colors from iOS 12, 13, or 14.

Choose how large or small the navigation title will appear to the user.

Show Deck Labels

Display additional information about a deck’s options in the Decks screen:

App Icon

Choose a custom application icon for MFC Deck.

Running Shortcuts

In order for MFC Deck to run a shortcut, it must first open the Shortcuts application. If the shortcut finishes without error, it will re-open MFC Deck.

Don’t Reopen for These Shortcuts

This is a user-supplied list of shortcuts that should not try to return back to the MFC Deck application after completion.

You can add or remove shortcuts from the block list by long-pressing on a shortcut and choosing the Add to Excluded Shortcuts menu option. To remove it from the block list, long-press on the shortcut and choose Remove from Excluded Shortcuts.

Triggers and Monitoring

Helper Shortcuts

Useful shortcuts for getting the most of our MFC Deck and for learning how to make awesome looking widgets.




This section allows you to reset MFC Deck.

Reset Settings

Resets MFC Deck’s settings and redisplays the setup screen. This will revert all preferences to their default settings.

Settings that are synced across your iOS devices will be removed, including the following:

Resetting MFC Deck does not delete the references to shortcuts in MFC Deck, so you will not have to perform a sync using MFC Deck Helper. None of your decks, cards, tags, triggers, or images will be affected.

Erase All Content and Settings

Resets MFC Deck’s settings and erases all MFC Deck information, including your decks, cards, tags, triggers, images, and shortcut references. You will need to recreate everything, along with performing a sync using MFC Deck Helper in order to see shortcuts in MFC Deck again.

This operation cannot be undone. This does not affect any of your shortcuts on your iOS device, only their references in MFC Deck.

Clear Shortcut References

Deletes the MFC Deck shortcuts database. After doing this, you will need to perform an Update Shortcuts operation in order to see your shortcuts in MFC Deck.

NOTE: This does not affect any of your shortcuts on your iOS device, only their references in MFC Deck.

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