MFC Deck

Widgetize Your Shortcuts!

MFC Deck widgetizes your shortcuts in a dynamic control deck, in Siri voice responses, on your Apple Watch, and (coming soon) in iOS 14 Home screen widgets.

MFC Deck on iPhone

A single shortcut can display different information depending on its context. For instance, the screenshot below features the same weather shortcut displaying its card in MFC Deck, Siri, Apple Watch, and small, medium, and large sizes.

Weather card displayed in multiple contexts


MFC Deck has many features to extend the functionality and power of your shortcuts on iOS, including:

iOS 14 Home Screen Widget Support

Development on a version of MFC Deck with iOS 14 Home screen widget support is underway, but the feature is not contained in this public beta of MFC Deck. A future Test Flight beta will be made available for those running the iOS 14 beta.

Three MFC Deck widgets running on a beta of iOS 14 on an iPad mini.

System Requirements and Availability

MFC Deck requires iOS 13.5.1 or higher. MFC Deck also requires you have the latest version of the MFC Deck Helper shortcut be installed on your iOS device.

TestFlight Beta

MFC Deck is available on Apple’s TestFlight program for public beta testing. There are two TestFlight betas:

iOS 14 TestFlight

Join this TestFlight if you are on iOS 14:

Join the MFC Deck TestFlight Public Beta for iOS 14

iOS 13 TestFlight

Join this TestFlight if you are on iOS 13:

Join the MFC Deck TestFlight Public Beta for iOS 13


During the public beta period, all features of MFC Deck will be unlocked and fully functional. Pricing for the release version has not been determined.


Efforts will be made, but there is no guarantee that the database format for MFC Deck will remain the same during the beta period. You may have to recreate your MFC Deck data during and following the testing period.


Comprehensive documentation for MFC Deck is available here:

MFC Deck Documentation


Here are some screenshots and descriptions on the kinds of cards and decks you can create using MFC Deck:


Break free from having all your shortcuts looking the same except for their color and icon. Go from this view in the Shortcuts app to these views in MFC Deck! Create a dashboard of shortcuts that display relevant and up-to-date information throughout the day.

MFC Deck offers various ways to display your shortcuts

Siri Response Cards

When you’re on the go, configure your shortcuts to present their content right within a Siri voice response — no need to leave your current app!

MFC Deck can display cards right in Siri

Learn more about the Display Card Result action and creating cards here.

NFC Decks

MFC Deck makes working with NFC Tags easy and fun. Here are two decks that demonstrate how you can easily assign multiple actions to the same NFC tag or tags.

Below is a text editing deck that operates on the contents of the clipboard using the same Text Transform shortcut but with different input parameters.

Since running shortcuts via NFC tags can work in the background, all you have to do is tap on the tag and watch the clipboard change without leaving your current application.

Text Editing deck

The screenshot below shows a blank deck that has the same cards as the Text Editing deck. If you tapped on one of the NFC tags while this deck was active, nothing would happen. Simply assign actions to the cards on this deck, and your NFC tags instantly change their functionality.

Blank NFC deck

Learn more about how MFC Deck works with NFC tags here.

Apple Watch Decks

Your cards are also available for viewing on Apple Watch. Get a look at the state of your cards with just a glance.

MFC Deck on the Apple Watch

Learn more about how MFC Deck works with Apple Watch here.

macOS Application Decks

Control applications on your macOS computer using MFC Deck and the MFC Deck Key Command shortcut:

The screenshot below details a deck tailored for controlling the OBS Studio software for video recording and live streaming.

OBS Deck

Below is a deck tailored to controlling the macOS Mail application.

Mail Deck